Lady Laura

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Lady Laura

Lady Laura is the Elven Queen of the Reaches. She is a lawful good elven mage whose youthful appearance is typical for elves of her age. She was reported to have been born in 658 TA.

Lady Laura married Gregory (later Paladin King of Teufeldorf) in 795 TA. Laura and Gregory served in the field together on a number of occasions. Laura held the position as archer captain of an elite Elven company until her marriage. An energetic member of the Court, Lady Laura was known for her compassion for the poor and disenfranchised peoples of Teufeldorf.

During both the Second Demon War of 821-828 TA and the battles against The Shadowland Empire, Lady Laura worked on various missions on the King's behalf. At the time of King Gregory's death, it is said that Lady Laura was adventuring in the labyrinth below the Shadowkeep. It is rumored that Lady Laura and King Gregory had a son, Gregory the Younger, who was imprisoned in the labyrinth. Lady Laura has denied this claim, and no proof has ever been brought forward.

More recently, Lady Laura led the resistance against Hastur and his sons in the Reaches.

Family History

Lorindel sil Lindolin, as Lady Laura is known to the Elves, from a noble Elven family. She has two younger sisters, Glorindel sil Lindolin, a warrior hero and Florindel sil Lindolin, a wizard of some renown. Glorindel and Florindel are twins.