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Havelock's Keep
Type Dungeon
Status Explored August 883 TA
Location near the Land of Bogs
and the Little People
Hex 3110
Campaign Dragonsford Campaign
Adventure # 84
Map-land of bogs.jpg


Greetings, Gentlemen, my name is Keolevah (pronounced Keogh-Levy, which is Havelock backwards), and I am in dire need of your services. I am a mage of small talents, but for my magical staff which has given me great wealth. I have two items to offer in exchange for your help: this bag of gems (a dozen large rubies), one of which I leave for you as a retainer and a deed to the small keep just north of town. The keep looks like a ruin, but it is geased to hide its actual nature. It is actually a small keep ruled by a pirate named Janvelson, great grandson of Janvel Swayne. Javelson has captured my twin brother, Tiwmid (pronounced Tie-mid, which is Dimwit backwards), and imprisoned him in the keep. My staff was lost in the struggle with Janvelson during a raid on our ship when it was crossing the Great Inner Sea. Will you help me?

DM's Notes

This story is a great fabrication, of course. Havelock set a spell that would automatically trigger 50 years after he stopped casting spells. The spell would create a duplicate "twin" of Havelock. This twin, known as Keolevah, would gather what forces he could to rescue himself and travel back into time via a unique Potion of Time Walking. Then, he would convince his comrades to free his twin. The problem here being that Keolevah and Havelock cannot actually free himself. It will have to be done by the party. Another problem is that the spell will weaken over 48 hours, at which time both the "twin" and the Time Walking will end. So, Keolevah will "die" at the earliest convenience so that the meeting between he and Havelock will not happen.

Havelock is an evil mage, and he has been imprisioned by Janvel because of his evil nature. He is imprisoned by the Stealer of Souls in the South Tower. This creature is nasty and hungry for human thoughts. Janvel would have destroyed it long ago except for its ability to create Potions of Invisibility. Those potions form Janvel's primary strategy. His crew douses itself, and then Janvel lets his ship float freely until an unsuspecting ship tries to rescue it. Then, he secretly boards the ship, surprises the crew, and steals their loot. Currently, Janvel is out at sea with his ship, the Winged Vulture. He will return 24 hours into the adventure, just for fun. So, Keolevah will try to convince the party to sink the ship with the catapult on top of the keep.

Keolevah will try to get the party to drink a "potion of waterwalking" which is actually timewalking. By saying that the keep is geased, the sudden shift in appearance from a ruin to a newly built garrison will be explained.

Finally, when the party returns, the castle will be in ruins and unoccupied. Most likely, the central keep will be burned, the ship scuttled, and the appearance like that of the previous adventure.

The walls are rough-hewn and give +40% to climbing.

Havelockskeeprevisited01 new.jpg

West Tower (lower)

This is a sailor's common room. It is empty, but it shows signs of recent habitation. The walls are plain and two large tables and chairs dominate the center of the room. A spiral staircase leads upwards and downwards from the southern wall of this room.

West Tower (upper)

This is a kitchen and a stock room. It is filled with dry goods in racks along the north wall. The outer walls have empty weapon racks. Several large tables are filled with stone crocks and cooking pots.

North Tower

This chapel is open to the ceiling. Two long oak benches are center facing northeast. There is a niche in the northeast corner on a small stone ledge. On the ledge is a golden chalice which glows slightly. The tapestries show scenes of the sea goddess in both her forms: calm and stormy. There are doors in the southwest corner and south wall.

The chalice works as a staff of healing.

The western niche contains a large clear tank of swirling salty water. The bottom of the tank is filled with several inches of silver coins.

Chalice and tank will trigger the sea priest.

Touch causes victim to drown in 1d4 turns unless a saving throw is made.

Can pour through doors, change shapes, etc.

East Tower (lower)

The lower chamber is filled with twelve bunk beds. Each bed is filled with fresh straw and a wool seaman's blanket. Small footlockers at the end of each bunk are empty. A spiral staircase leads up.

East Tower (upper)

The upper chamber is furnished with four beds and four large chests. A large table in the center has four chairs. A number of nautical maps are strewn about. A spiral staircase in the north wall leads up and down.

South Tower (lower)

The south end of this room is dominated by a large cage. Inside the cage are six simple wooden bunks. A pail sits in the southeast corner next to a filthy hunchbacked man in shackles. The man will look up when the party enters showing eerie red eyes. A large pile of food is stacked in the cage. A spiral staircase leads up.

Ulric will try to convince the party he can help. He will jump into the sea at the first opportunity.

South Tower (upper)

This room has the smell of death and decay. In the center of the room is a mage dressed in blue robes, and oak staff clutched in his hand. From the ceiling hangs a large octopus-like creature, bulbous with one large sucker tentacle. This sucker is covering the top of the mage's head. A large copper tub in the center of the room catches the drippings of a blue liquid from the creature's mouth.

The Soul Stealer
AC -4
HP 80 + 20 for each invisible tentacle.
Sucker hit will capture new victim, releasing old. Tearing away will kill instantly.
Blue liquid is Oil of Invisibility (1 turn)
Used to make sailor's invisible.
Havelock will disappear if challenged.

The Keep

Four large wooden pillars support a 60 foot wooden building. There are no windows and the entire structure is suspended 20 feet off the ground.

The underside of the keep has one large 20 foot wide hole in the west and eight smaller 5 foot wide holes scattered about. Four lines of small 6 inch holes line the perimeter of the castle.

Boiling Oil - 4d8 if underneath, 1d8 spash within 10 feet.


The Courtyard Dogs

The courtyard is empty. It is guarded by a large group of regenerating skeletons They will try to corral the party into the center of the courtyard to get boiled. Their bones are scattered around the edges of the keep.

Regenerate on 3rd round

Controlled by the Captain's Ring

Level 1

Around the perimeter of this room are a number of wooden supports dividing the room into 20 "rooms". Sixteen of the have simple matresses, small tables and chests. Four are filled with food stuffs, fresh meat, and barrels of fresh water.

Four iron pots sit on hinged bases over hardened fire pits. They are filled with boiling liquid. A ridged wooden ramp ies in the north. A number of holes in the floor are for archers. A large 20' hole in the southwest ceiling leads to the level above Six five foot holes are along the southern wall.

Sixteen guards armed with long swords and heavy crossbows.

Level 2

Room 1: Entrance Room

This wooden room is unadorned. A 20 foot hole in the floor and a large wooden ramp are along one side. Six 5' holes are placed around the floors. Two doors are on the north wall. A 20' hole in the ceiling lets in fresh air from the outside.

Six guards are almost always here.

Room 2: Kitchen

This room has a large table with six chairs in the center. A cupboard in the northeast corner holds plates, cups, and silverware. A bookcase in the southeast is filled with foodstuffs. The center of the east wall is dominated by a large black cooking stove. There are doors in the north and south.

Room 3: Bunkroom

This plain room has six bunk beds, each with a chest and small table. There is one door in the southern wall.

Each chest contains 100 gold pieces.

Room 4: Common Room

This room has a large map hanging on the east wall. Three doors are on the north, south, and west walls. A small wooden table sits in the center of the room. A deck of cards is on the table.

Room 5: Captain's Room

This room has a bed along the northern wall. There is also a chest and wardrobe here. A guilded gold cage hangs from the center of the room. A jewel encrusted bird will sing from its perch when the room is entered.

If removed from the cage by force, the bird will disappear and reappear in the cage.

The chest is sealed with a magical puzzle:

Havelock puzzle 01.jpg

The chest contains: 500 gold pieces, Dagger +1 (if the captain isn't wearing it), a golden flute (which can be played to lure the bird to you), and a ring. The ring is a Ring of Drudge Skeleton Control (if the captain isn't wearing it). This golden ring has a large ruby skull set in the center. An inscription on the inside reads:

Havelock puzzle 02.jpg

Room 6: Janvel Swayne's Anteroom

A large wooden desk sits in the center of the room. A small chest sits on the otherwise clear desk. There are doors in the north and east walls.

There is no lock on the chest. The desk is actually a mimic.

The westen wall is actually a secret door operated by saying "DOG" in this room.

Room 7: Janvel's Bedroom

A large bookcase along the east wall is filled with the stolen trinkets of a lifetime of travels. A large tapestry showing scenes of a mermaid hangs in the west. A large stuffed armchair is pushed up along the northern wall. A candle sits on a table next to the chair.

The candle is actually a Candle of Undead Control

A bed and privy are behind the tapestry. A beautiful nude woman is reclining on the bed.

The woman is actually a succubus

Room 8: Treasure Vault

Three large wooden chests are in this room. All three glow slightly when the door is opened.

These chests are protected by a spell that makes them appear empty. Since Janvel keeps most of his magical treasure on board when he is at sea, the only thing left in the chest are coins:

Chest 1: 5000 silver pieces
Chest 2: 3000 gold pieces, 2000 silver pieces
Chest 3: 500 platinum pieces, 1500 silver pieces

Level 3

This level comprises the roof of the keep. It has a crenalated battlement for archers on the top. The four corners are protected by large stone gargoyles.

A large catapult sits atop the roof. A large pit of bubbling tar is in the northeast corner. Shot balls are piled in the northwest corner. A 10' hole in the floor leads to a level below. A ramp is lying next to the hole.

The hole in the floor is actually a spider web trap for a large hungry phase spider.

A secret door leads down to Level 2.

Level 4

This level comprises the underground portion of the dungeon. It is currently under construction, and it will eventually be finished like the previous adventure. Since it is outside of the wooden keep, there is little of value here. Three trolls guard over a work detail of dwarves captured from the Shadowyarn Mountains.

Room 9: Storeroom

This plain room is roughly-hewn and newly finished. A number of large crates are scattered along the eastern wall of this room. A single door is in the west.

The crates contain building supplies: hammers, shovels, picks, burlap bags, etc.

Room 10: Storeroom

This plain room is roughly-hewn and newly finished. Two old weapon racks have been converted and now hold shovels and picks. A single door is in the west.

There are twelve tools and twelve dwarves.

Room 11: Hall Under Construction

A number of bags filled with rocks and dirt are piled in the western end of this room. The room itself is of good make with four pillars fashoned out of stone. The eastern end of this room is being carved out of the rock. For a construction area, this room is very well kept.

Room 12: Troll Common Room

This room is filthy. A small round table is heaped with garbage and food scraps which overflow onto the floor. Three very large wooden chairs surround the table. A greasy deck of playing cards are in the center of the table. The walls of this room are newly-hewn like the rest of this level.

This is where the trolls come to relax. It is very likely that they will be here during the early evening.

Room 13: Troll Sleeping Room

This room is filthy. Three large bed are pushed up against the north wall. They are unkempt and unwashed. A large iron chest is in the northeast corner. It is unlocked. The walls of this room are newly-hewn like the rest of this level.

The trolls will be here during the night. They typically do not post a sentry since all of the dwarves are locked in their cells.

The chest contains their pay: 500 silver pieces.

Room 14: Dwarven Prison

This hallway contains seven cells. Each cell has a bunk bed with a set of shackles at the head and the foot along the south wall. The cells are clean. Twelve dwarves will be sleeping here at night. They are battered, bruised, and weakened by lack of food.

The dwarves will help the party at any cost. They fight as first level fighters.

Room 15: Eastern Construction

A number of bags filled with rocks and dirt are piled in the center of this room. The room itself is of good make with a door in the south wall. For a construction area, this room is very well kept.

This area offers are relatively safe place for the party to rest since it is not yet connected to the bulk of this level.


Sea Priest
The Soul Stealer
Lower Guards (16)
Upper Guards (6)
Captain of the Guards
Drudge Skeletons (30)
Trolls (3)
Dwarves (12)


Large Rubies (12) - 4000 gp each
Sea Priest's Chalice
300 silver pieces
Oil of Invisibility (pail)
Six chests of 100 gp each (600 gp)
Candle of Undead Control
500 gold pieces
Dagger +1
Jeweled Bird and Flute (8000 gp)
Ring of Drudge Skeleton Control (5000 gp)
5000 silver pieces
3000 gold pieces
2000 silver pieces
500 platinum pieces
1500 silver pieces
500 silver pieces