The Upside Down Tower Of Orling The Backwards

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The Upside Down Tower Of Orling The Backwards
Type Dungeon
Status Explored May 829 TA
Location Sandal
Hex 2229
Campaign Dark Lord Campaign
Adventure # 25

On Orling the Backwards

Orling the Backwards

Orling was a wizard of a most colorful background. When he was younger, Errorling, as his nickname belied, always seemed to get things just a little backwards. His first wizard's tower was said to have been built into the ground! Despite his shortcomings, Orling proved to be a masterful warlock, and his good nature and humor made him well-liked and respected. A favorite of the the lawful good court of King Gregory the Even-Handed, Orling was set to defend the southern boundaries of the kingdom against evil magicks. An awesome task for a single man, but Orling proved to be quite capable.

In the winter of 828-829 TA, a man bearing striking resemblances to the mage appeared at Orling's tower. Intrigued by his visitor's uncanny appearance, Orling was beguiled into accepting a gift from the stranger, a large tiger eye necklace. This was to prove to be Orling's greatest error. With the necklace always hanging from the wizard's throat, evil began creeping into the Reaches unhindered. First came the appearance of the stranger's own personal guards, large tiger-like creatures which stood upright and fought with savage brutality. While Orling still acted as the protector of the kingdom, he remained oblivious to the situation.

King Gregory believed that Orling was the only wizard able to protect the southern frontier. His orders were that Orling not be killed, but the amulet removed. Orling, the wielder of the fire of Kaas, was thought to be powerful enough to reverse the happenings of the last few months. His final warning to the party was that Orling considers the stranger a friend, but the party may not be so lucky.

The Upside Down Tower of Orling the Backwards

Rector and His Minions

Rector is the evil wizard who has charmed Orling via the Necklace of the Master. He also carries a Staff of Death, Bracers of Defense AC 2, and a Dagger of Venom. He is a 10th level spellcaster. The servants of the evil wizard appear as large upright tigers. They can fight with or without swords. They possess rude telepathy. They can signal danger to their masters and other servants. They speak common. The follow all orders to the letter and to death.

The Field

The Field

The party teleports into the middle of a large field. They are facing a stone hill with a large cave entrance ahead of them. Above the cave is painted a large red eye. There is a dense copse of trees on one side of them and a small lake on the other side. In front of them (just in front of the cave) are 50 orcs. Behind them are 30 ogres.

Cave of Urrge

Ironically, the cave is not the entrance to Orling's Keep. It is the cave of a stone giant, Urrge.

Urrge is a stone giant of no exceptional ability. He does not understand the daily appearance of the orcs and ogres. He knows only that the hunting is good in the forest, and the ogres and orcs never attack him.

Urrge lives with several cave bears. His treasure is: 6 crystal gems (50 gp each), a potion of storm giant strength, bracers of defense AC 3, crossbow of speed +1, and 12 bolts.

The Traps

The Traps

The entrance to Orling's Keep is found by following the stream in the woods - which eventually leads to a small underground landing. There, the party will be greeted by Palme the Greeter. Palme is a kobold who has his instructions and will not fight. His staff has the same symbols on it as the giant transport pillar. This allows transport. He always reports to the evil wizard after a mission.

Room 1

A rocky ledge just out into the pool that marks the river's end. In the wall of the ledge is an opening large enough to permit a man to enter. Steps lead downward. Upon landing on the ledge, a magic mouth appears.

Perish shall enemies all-
Behold grace my shall pass who those only
grave watery a to sent by bodies your
lest find keys six the you must it in
chamber this enter who those beware.

At the bottom of the stairs is this symbol which teleports everyone on the stairs when touched. Not on stairs - no teleport until Room 2 is empty.

Orling 04.jpg

Room 2

A large unadorned stone room. 40 by 40. A kobold stands across the room from the party. Dressed in red robes, he carries an unwieldy staff with a large tiger eye set at one end. He stands. If not destroyed, he speaks.

Do not fear to slip and slide,
Just grow wings and go inside.

He passes the staff in front of himself and disappears. He addresses the party by name if seen by the large eye.

Room 3

A smaller unadorned stone room. 20 by 40. A door across from the party's entrance. Actually, the whole room is a 30' deep pit. Spikes. Poison. Pressure 5 humans. At the bottom of the pit is a secret drawer containing a stone key.

Room 4

A large six-sided room. A passage radiates from each of the walls. The only door is the one that the party entered through. The following is drawn around the room:

Orling 05.jpg

Placed around the walls are water spouts every few feet. They are two inches in diameter and begin spouting water into the room when the party opens the door. On the floor is a large "manhole cover" type door with six key holes. Only keys or a dispel magic, then pick locks, remove traps.

Room 5

A fifteen foot wide passage of stairs leads down to an oblong room hewn of rough stone. Four large dog-like creatures sit at the far side of the room. They guard two chests. A larger one (3'x3'x6') sits on the floor. On top of it sits a smaller chest (6"x6"x12"). The top chest is locked. Both are bound in iron bands. The dogs seem to be tethered to the far wall. On the northern wall, a large sack is tied and thrown carelessly. Eye on wall.

Chest One (small): No traps. Ordinary lock. Contains stone key.
Chest Two (large): Releases poison gas when opened.
Orpups (dogs): The can easily break their bonds if the are attacked directly or the large chest opened.

Room 6

A ten foot wide passage of stairs leads up into a roughly square room (50x50). In the center of the room sits a large pedestal about 7 feet tall. On top of the pedestal is placed a stone key. The floor of the room is covered with large lily pads. They seem to be connected to the floor, but also seem to rise as the water rises. Placed in the corners of the room are four statues of seated men. Each of the statues has glowing red eyes from which beams of light project. All of the beams seem to be aimed at the key. The beams do not extend past the key. Eye on wall.

Key: When the water (and thus the lillies) cover the statues, the the light will be deflected off the key. Takes 10 turns.

NOTE: Stress that the statues are about 4' tall.

Room 7

A ten foot wide passage leads down to a square (40x40) room. Along the walls of the passage is written this poem:

Welcome my friends to this little room.
One way's death, the other doom.
A third way's there for those who see.
Fear's the step. Logic's the key.

The room is cut stone. Along the walls are deep gouges extending from the ceiling until 6" above the floor. On the floor is an eye. Also, some powdered bones may be seen. Across from the party can be seen a scratched door.

A secret door can be found on the hallway wall. This leads to two stairways - one going up and the other down.

The room: crushing ceiling. Weight 3 persons.
The up staircase: Falling floor. Weight 3 persons.
The down staircase: leads to a stone key.

Room 8

A five foot wide passage leads into a 40x40 room. Along the wall is another poem.

There's no trick through here you'll meet.
But a riddle's the answer to quench defeat.

Twenty coffins line the walls of the larger room. On a throne sits a man. Beside him sits two glowing swords. When the party enters, he waits one round and then attacks. Eye.

H.G. - Human apparition. Cannot be killed. WIll fight until asked a riddle. He will then sit on his throne until he figures it out. The key is in a concealed passage behind the throne.

Room 9

A ten foot wide set of stairs lead up to a 20x30 room. Along the wall is this cryptic message:

His vorpal sword went snicker-snack.

In the room is a kobold, Palth the Cursed, wielding a large long sword. A stone key hangs around his neck. He challenges the champion of the party to a duel. He gets the first swing. Those are the rules. The sword is cursed. Anyone who touches it must stay in the room - as the new guardian.

The serpent of the maze is actually a wierd form of sea snake. It attacks with a bite. It also has a constriction attack on a success. It will continue to constrict for 3 rounds after it dies.

Room 10

Orling's Tower

A spiral staircase leads down into a large 60x60 room. The walls are cut stone but polished to look nice. Along the western wall hangs fifteen or so cloaks. The northern wall contains a door, while the eastern wall is flanked by many large buckets of water. Secret doors are marked.

The party is greeted by the kobold from Room 2 still dressed in red robes and carrying the large staff. He instructs the party to wash up, put on the cloaks, and have any possessions polished up. A tiger eye (50 gp) is in the pocket of the first robe.

In the southwestern corner of the room sits a young elf. He is an armorer and blacksmith (and thief). He is Amsal the Armorer.

Room 11: The Teleport Room

A small 20' hexagonal room with no apparent exits. In the middle is a teleport which looks like the drawing below.

Orling 06.jpg

When one of the bars are touched, everyone in the room is teleported to the desired location. Secret doors are marked.

Room 12

A very large highly ornate room. In the upper balcony are the "gallery". These are the fickle followers of whomever is in power. Their primary purpose is to applaud. They can very rarely be stirred to action.

30 Human Peasants. They will not do anything unless provoked by magical means.

There are two thrones in the northern corner of the room. One of them is made of the same stone as the room. The other is of newer construction and different materials. The throne can teleport on command to Room 21.

If the party comes by ordinary means, Palme will greet them. Orling will come in and sit on the throne. The evil wizard will stand behind.

Room 13: Antechamber

This is an extension of the throne room. It is used for ceremonial robes. Several robes hand along the southern wall.

Rooms 14-20

These rooms are guest quarters. They are heavily watched. Each will hold two persons.

Room 21

This room is restricted to all. Four guards allow no entry.

Room 22: Orling's Bedroom

This room has been well scoured by the evil wizard. A large owl is in a cage in the corner. He will do nothing. However, he tells Orling everything that goes on in his room.

Room 23: The Evil Wizard's Bedroom

A blindness glyph of warding guards this door. Word = Eoypeen. In the corner of the room is an empty chest. It is actually a teleport chest to Valdemar's Castle. The only other magical item is a book. It is on the wizard's desk. Book of Power. Raise any good character 1 level.

Room 24: Orling's Study

The room has been picked clean also. Orling has discontinued all of his work. Four vials of poison are on the far table.

Rooms 25-32: The Prison

The access to this room is also very restricted. Two guards will turn anyone back. In the cells are various creatures of good.

Cell 26 - Centaur
Cell 27 - Empty
Cell 28 - Empty
Cell 29 - King Gregory the Even-Handed
Cell 30 - Dwarf
Cell 31 - Elf
Cell 32 - Empty

These are the delegates to a peace conference. All of their guards have been killed. They need to be escorted to the Castle of Mirrors for safety.

Room 33

This is to be a storeroom. It is unfinished. Three dwarves are chained together working. Two guards.

Room 34

A small tunnel leads to a subterranean tree. Very rare. There are tools piled beside it. The workers are ready to chop it down. A wood serpent is wrapped around the trunk.

Room 35

Kitchen and dining room. These are newly constructed. A single cook runs the whole show. Nothing else of interest.

Innok (female) will not help the party unless magic is used.

Adventures in the Upside Down Tower Of Orling The Backwards

In May 829 TA, a party consisting of Ernest Goodfellow, Hylax the Barker, U-Gene the Dwarf, Zephaniah the Good, Sirfexx Ivancevio, and Blackfoot sought the help of Orling the Backwards and the Fire of Kaas in the fight against Valdemar and his allies. However, when they arrived at the Upside Down Tower, they found that Orling had mysteriously turned to evil. The Party was able to release Orling from his curse, but it was here that Sir Zachary perished. Sir Earnest Goodfellow, alias Dirty Ernie became a member of the party at this point.