North Province

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North Province
Founded 830 TA
Size Minor Kingdom
Fealty Eastern Reaches
Ruler Governor Nicholas Clay
Hex 3414
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Portsmith is the capital of North Province, and the largest town on the Inner Sea. The port lies along the southern coast of the Inner Sea between the dwarven lands of Balinshold to the east and the Eastern Reaches to the west. The town was founded along the shipping trade route for ore and iron coming from the dwarven forges headed to the Reaches.

Portsmith consists of a harbor, docks, a small keep, and a military garrison. The harbor is protected by high, grassy cliffs which create a natural protected inlet. Warm springs keep the harbor waters from freezing except during the most extreme weather. North Province has a small garrison of foot and mounted soldiers at Portsmith, but a sizable fleet of warships harbor here with the mission of protecting merchant trade from the Sea Barons and others.

The current ruler of Portsmith is Nicholas Clay, who was elected in 908 TA to replace Jana Blackfire. Blackfire and many of her paladins and clerics were killed in the Demon Raid of 907 TA. Nicholas is a prominent citizen and a member of the Order of Merchant Keymasters. He is focused on trade and has been known to turn a blind eye towards pirates, smuggling and dark dealings. Clay rules from a newly-established merchant center, a coffee house known as the Java Bird, replacing the previous governor's house destroyed during the demon raids.

City of Portsmith

Portsmith (originally the "Port of Smiths" - referring to the early ore and iron trade) has a population exceeding 1,800 inhabitants including the permanent garrison. The port has about twenty warships. Typically, two warships are in port at any one time. Numerous fishing boats and pleasure craft dot the coastline near the city.

After the death of Jana Blackfire, Nicholas Clay retained several of Blackfire's officers, although their roles are greatly diminished:

  • Amelia Wood - Captain of Guard, Order of the Crusaders
  • Henry Meekson - High Justice, Order of the Silver Throne
  • Faith Bladevale - Captain of the Vault

Merchant trade is the lifeblood of the city, and the caravan to and from Portsmith carry all manner of goods - well beyond its humble beginnings of ore and iron. It is rumored that the local branch of the Family is run by Jon Singleshadow and the Dark Path is headed by Gabriel Gloommantle, both have recently escaped imprisonment by the Blackfire administration.

Map of Portsmith

Map of Portsmouth

Establishments, Buildings, Shopkeepers and Notable Natives

Establishment Name Type Purveyor/Owner
The Adder's Sting Poisoner Niko
Bassett & Sons, Coffinmakers Furniture Maker Basil Bassett
The Bookseller's Tale Bookseller Aaron Holmes
Calvin's Cleavers Cutler Calvin Fuller
Chapel of the Gyre The Gyre Sienna Bell, Priestess
The Cheese Press Cheese Shop Kiara Bradley
Church of the Hearth Church Father Cannon
Church of the Silver Throne Church Robin Marsh, Henry Meekson (confessor)
Clayware's Kiln Potter Justice Clayware
The Cooperage Cooper Fennimore
Deep Ship Arms Tavern Arianna Rumblebrow
Dock Master Docks Old Alfred
Duncow's Milkmaid Dairy Nadia Hill
Fellmonger's Tannery Tanner Jacob Fellmonger
The Flotsam Orphanage Orphanage Theodoric Flotsam
Gaffer's Glass Glassblower Jenson Shaw
Graceberry, Barber Surgeon Doctor
Halyard's Ropes Happy Halyard
Hardstone's Gems Jewelers
Keymaster's Guildhall Merchant Bailey Springblood
J Burkholder, Alchemist-At-Large Alchemist Jonson Burkholder
Lantern & Gargoyle Pub Sternbrew
Long Star Inn Inn Remy Shadewood, Montgomery Walsh
Louise the Alewife Brewer Louise Longdraught
Master War Bows Bowyer
Merfolk Point Lighthouse Lighthouse
Nocks and Feathers Fletcher Ayden, Clara and Erin Rees
Nocks and Feathers Fletcher Catherine Hill
Old Lord's Mill Miller
The One Ring Goldsmiths
The Paladin's Oath Lawyer
The Pitching Door Stable
The Quarrymen Mason
Rawhide Treasures Leatherworker
Regent Woods Carpenter Woody (gnome)
Scaled and Skinned Fishmonger
Shoemaker's Shop Cobbler
Sternpost's Maritime Shipwright Maggie Sternpost
The Stick Horse Stable Vincent Woods
Strong Steel Metalsmith Oliver Hilltide
Sundered Anvil Armorer
Sweetbreads Baker
Taylors of Portsmith Pub Conor Swift
Thirsty Eel Pub Leila Lane, Frederick Harper
Tinplate Tinkerers Tinkerer
Twill's Textiles Weaver Sarah Twill
The Vault Prison Faith Bladevale, Captain of the Vault
Vine to Wine Vintner
Wards and Locks Locksmith
Wax and Wicks Chandler
Wheel of Fortune Wainwright

History of Portsmith

Founded in the early eighth century TA, the small port quickly grew into a place for the dwarven goods from the east to be unloaded for transport along the Lesser Farthing Road. The original village grew into a large town.

In 830 TA, the port was granted a title by the Crown, although the citizenry opted for an elected governor instead of a hereditary lord. The stability of Portsmith has varied over the decades with a number of factions vying for power. In addition to the elected government, The Family has a strong presence in the area, and it is rumored that members of the Dark Path can be found in the shadier corners of the port. Additionally, the mercurial Sea Barons challenge the North Province warships, when the opportunity arises. Typically, these sinister forces are balanced by the Order of Merchant Keymasters who seek to keep commerce flowing and law and order in place. The ever-shifting power in North Province has led to some periods of great unrest.

From 898-904 TA, Portsmith was ruled by Governor Linpool Lastra, a questionable merchant rumored to dabble in the black arts and demonology. Under his rule, the shadier elements gained power in the town with increases in murder, robbery and kidnappings. Linpool was killed during the Great Storm of March 904 TA when he was seen at the end of the great stone pier during the height of the storm's fury. Eyewitnesses said that he appeared to be summoning the weather, and several accounts tell of enormous octopus-shaped beasts hovering in the storm clouds - illuminated only by flashes of lightning.

So terrifying were the stories that the local population elected Jana Blackfire, a fanatical paladin of the Order of Crusaders to governor in April 904 TA. Nicknamed the Crusader of Portsmith, Blackfire invoked an edict she called "The Gavel" to bring order to the city's chaos. In addition, a large contingency from the Order of the Silver Throne descended on Portsmith to execute the edict. Order was kept through mounted patrols - called derisively the Hexmen - consisting of a cleric of the Order of the Silver Throne, a paladin of the Order of Crusaders and four guards. Crime dropped as the jails filled.

On December 11, 907 TA, Portsmith was raided by demons. The reason for the raid remains unclear, but Jana Blackfire and most of her order were slain before order was restored by the arrival of Hylax and a company of Eastern Reaches knights. On, January 1, 908 TA, the people of Portsmith elected a merchant, Nicholas Clay, as the governor of North Province. Clay has relaxed Blackfire's iron-fisted rule. Clay is currently neutral towards the Crown and at odds with the Sea Barons.

Purchasing Equipment in Portsmith

Portsmith has a number of merchant and craftmen providing a wide range of wares at competitive prices. Adventurers may purchase any items from the Pathfinder Core Rulebook equipment list (pp. 140-163) with the exceptions noted below for the listed price without roleplaying. Portsmith has a number of magic items available from its vendors, but it does not contain a Ravenswood Trading Post, so powerful items are not available here. All magic and unusual items need to be roleplayed.

Silver Weapons

Characters may buy masterwork versions of all weapons and armor. In addition, any normal weapon may be bonded with alchemical silver using the following costs. Creating items with special materials such as adamantine, darkwood, dragonhide, cold iron, mithril, etc. must be roleplayed.

Item Cost Shop
Ammunition add 2 gold J Burkholder, Alchemist-At-Large
Light Weapon add 20 gold J Burkholder, Alchemist-At-Large
One-handed Weapon add 90 gold J Burkholder, Alchemist-At-Large
Two-handed Weapon add 180 gold J Burkholder, Alchemist-At-Large

Magic Items

There are a fair number of magic items for sale in Portsmith. Adventurers must roleplay buying these items as their purchase may alert important NPCs to party actions. And, clever adventurers may want to try and bargain for a better price. The items listed below can be bought for any sized creature.

Item Cost Shop
Studded Leather +1 1500 gold Rawhide Treasures
Chain Shirt +1 1500 gold The Sundered Anvil
Chainmail +1 1400 gold The Sundered Anvil
Banded Mail +1 1700 gold The Sundered Anvil
Full Plate +1 2650 gold The Sundered Anvil
Buckler +1 3200 gold The Sundered Anvil
Heavy Wooden Shield +1 1400 gold Regent Woods
Heavy Steel Shield +1 1400 gold The Sundered Anvil
Simple Weapons
Light Crossbow +1 2800 gold Master War Bows
Heavy Crossbow +1 2800 gold Master War Bows
Dagger +1 2800 gold Calvin's Cleavers
Heavy Mace +1 2800 gold Calvin's Cleavers
Morningstar +1 2800 gold Calvin's Cleavers
Quarterstaff +1 3100 gold Regent Woods
Martial Weapons
Battle Axe +1 2800 gold Calvin's Cleavers
Heavy Flail +1 2800 gold Rawhide Treasures
Greataxe +1 2800 gold Calvin's Cleavers
Greatsword +1 2800 gold Calvin's Cleavers
Handaxe +1 2800 gold Calvin's Cleavers
Longbow +1 2800 gold Master War Bows
Longsword +1 2800 gold Calvin's Cleavers
Rapier +1 2800 gold Calvin's Cleavers
Scimitar +1 2800 gold Calvin's Cleavers
Shortbow +1 2800 gold Master War Bows
Short Sword +1 2800 gold Calvin's Cleavers
Throwing Axe +1 2800 gold Calvin's Cleavers
Warhammer +1 2800 gold Calvin's Cleavers
Arrow +1 60 gold Nocks and Feathers
Crossbow Bolt +1 60 gold Nocks and Feathers
Sling Bullet +1 60 gold Calvin's Cleavers
Ring of Protection +1 2400 gold Finegelder's Gold
Ring of Feather Falling 2600 gold The One Ring
Ring of Climbing 3000 gold The One Ring
Ring of Jumping 3000 gold The One Ring
Ring of Swimming 3000 gold The One Ring
Rods, Staves and Wands
Rod of Lesser Extend Metamagic 3600 gold Keymaster's Guildhall
Rod of Lesser Silent Metamagic 3600 gold Keymaster's Guildhall
Wand of Detect Magic 500 gold Tinplate Tinkerers
Wand of Light 500 gold Keymaster's Guildhall
Wondrous Items - Potions, Elixirs, and Oils
Universal Solvent 60 gold J Burkholder, Alchemist-At-Large
Potion of Cure Light Wounds 60 gold J Burkholder, Alchemist-At-Large
Potion of Mage Armor 60 gold J Burkholder, Alchemist-At-Large
Oil of Magic Weapon 60 gold J Burkholder, Alchemist-At-Large
Elixir of Hiding 300 gold J Burkholder, Alchemist-At-Large
Potion of Enlarge Person 300 gold J Burkholder, Alchemist-At-Large
Potion of Blur 360 gold J Burkholder, Alchemist-At-Large
Potion of Darkvision 360 gold J Burkholder, Alchemist-At-Large
Potion of Delay Poison 360 gold J Burkholder, Alchemist-At-Large
Potion of Invisibility 360 gold J Burkholder, Alchemist-At-Large
Wondrous Items - Defensive
Bracers of Armor +1 1200 gold Taylors of Portsmith
Cloak of Resistance +1 1200 gold Taylors of Portsmith
Amulet of Natural Armor +1 2400 gold Hardstone's Gems
Wondrous Items - Adventuring
Boots of Elvenkind 3000 gold Shoemaker's Shop
Bag of Holding (Type 1) 3000 gold Rawhide Treasures
Stone of Alarm 3200 gold Hardstone's Gems
Rope of Climbing 3600 gold Sternpost's Maritime
Wondrous Items - Scrolls
Scroll of Remove Fear 60 gold The Bookseller's Tale
Scroll of Bless Weapon 120 gold The Bookseller's Tale
Scroll of Identify 150 gold Tinplate Tinkerers
Scroll of Silence 240 gold The Bookseller's Tale

Miscellaneous Items and Services

There are also a number of miscellaneous items and services for sale. Again, any services from the Pathfinder Core Rulebook services list (pp. 140-163) can be purchased directly (exceptions noted below). In general, you will need to roleplay in order to get anything out of the ordinary.

In Portsmith, the following inns service travelers:

Service Cost Inn
One night's stay, 2 meals, stable access (common inn) 2 gold/night The Deep Ship Arms
One night's stay, 3 meals, stable access, and footman (good inn) 4 gold/night Long Star Inn

Items unique to Portsmith are included below.

Item Cost Shop
Hobbit Elderberry Wine 806 TA imported 10 gold Long Star Inn
Tegel Lemon Tart 10 gold Long Star Inn
Resurrection cast by Father Cannon 12,500 gold Church of the Hearth