Barony of Highfolk

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Barony of Highfolk
Founded 830 TA
Size Minor Kingdom
Fealty Eastern Reaches
Ruler Third Baron Richard Highfolk
Hex 2815
Map-highfolk 2.jpg

Located between the March of Greenvale and the Dutchy of Middlefield, Highfolk now enjoys a relatively peaceful existence. Its produce is sold at the capital town of Highfolk located on the Lesser Farthing Road midway between Dwarrowdelf and Dragonsford. Highfolk is led by the Third Baron Richard Highfolk. Richard is a young man fascinated with the tales of King Gregory and his knightly Order. Wearing a Ring of Virtue inherited from his grandfather, Richard's well-trained company of knights has seen action in the both the First War of the Reaches and the Second War of the Reaches.

History of Highfolk

Established as a Barony in 830 TA, Highfolk is the middle barony of the central Eastern Reaches valley.

During Hastur's Dominion, in 871 TA, the noble Highfolk family was driven into Haggelthorn Forest, and the crown was taken over by a faction sympathetic to Harek Bloodaxe. The new leaders of Highfolk became ambitious and embarked upon a policy of conquest. At its peak, Highfolk held sway over the March of Greenvale and South Province. "False King" Tavish was slain in battle against some bandits from the Sands of Time, and his son, Tavish II, assumed command. Tavish II was weak-willed and his reign was brief and unsuccessful. In 885 TA, the noble Highfolk family returned from exile, Tavish II was beheaded, and the proper Barons of Highfolk regained power.

After protracted negotiations, Greenvale and South Province were granted autonomy and Highfolk returned to its former state of tolerance and prosperity.

Nearby Places of Interest


The Blackwater run east from its headwaters in the Shadowyarn Mountains into the March of Greenvale finally ending in the vast fields of Highfolk. This river is named for its excellent black trout fishing east of the Axewood forest.