The Elder Gods

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Oakentree, God of Nature

Every culture has its own myths and legends about the creation of the Realm and its inhabitants. As cultures mix and stories get passed from generation to generation these stories transform. New deities come forward, and old ones are discarded.

The generally accepted story of creation told by the human inhabitants of the Reaches late in the Third Age of Man, tells of eight beings known as the Elder Gods. These "gods" represent the elemental forces of the world, and their tales most likely have been passed down from the earliest inhabitants of the Realm. Personification of the Elder Gods has been reported countless times since the dawn of civilization. However, rumors of the human forms of the Elder Gods have never been substantiated by the academic population.

Death (see note below)
Melandrea, Goddess of the Sun
Blacklock, God of the Air
Baliol, Warder of the Seas
Karelia, Goddess of the Stars
Hastur, Master of Stone
Oakentree, God of Nature

NOTE: In some cultures, Death is portrayed as a male figure with a female figure, Fate, as his bride.