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Madness Takes Its Toll

The Madness is a roleplaying campaign set in Victorian London circa 1892 with a few twists placing it firmly in the realm of speculative fiction.

Unlike traditional campaigns which feature a serial narrative and a core group of dedicated players who participate in dozens of linked adventures, the Madness is structured like a good one-night stand – each session is independent and can be played by any set of players. Enjoy one or enjoy them all.

The setting is reminiscent of both steampunk inventions and dark horror. Advances in technology - driven mainly by the recent discovery of a mysterious green fuel called the ichor – have ushered London into the Clockwork Age with a promise of unparalleled wealth. However, superstitions and ancient fears fester as strange sightings and mayhem escalate through the streets – a pervasive phenomenon Scotland Yard calls the Madness.

You are a member of the King of Clubs – two dozen of the foremost experts in hidden knowledge and occult lore in London. Your enemies are shadowy cabals like the Haunted Hand, twisted scientists and cultists - and perhaps the powerful East India Company. Certainly, Scotland Yard and the Crown have been infiltrated. Can you unlock the mysteries of the Madness?

Each session, you recruit your team from the King of Clubs and Irregular characters. Everything is provided at the game - characters, rules, minis, dice, etc. - just bring your imagination.

Updated Rules

The rule book for the campaign is The Madness House Rules. Updated in 2021, it now includes all the core Savage Worlds Adventure Edition rules, subtracts out those rules that are not applicable (no lasers in the Victorian Age - at least not for the players), and adds in setting rules for the game (yes, there is Insanity in the Madness).

The book is a one-stop reference for playing the Madness.

  • The book covers the mechanics of the rules (i.e., combat, the new Sanity system, etc.). The Madness House Rules does not discuss the setting in any detail. This website contains the storyline in full detail along with past adventures, background information, and detailed character sheets.
  • The Madness House Rules now includes the cheat sheet and Jeff's Savage Worlds Beginner's Guide - both updated.

If you want a single PDF file with The Madness House Rules, drop me an email. Printed copies of the rules will be provided on game night, so there is no need to print your own unless you want to.