The Clockwork Age of England

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Planned Clock Tower Improvements

The Clockwork Age promises to relieve gentlemen and ladies of distinction from the mundane tasks of everyday life. Consider running your entire household on a single drop of fuel, trips to the City quickly facilitated by steam-powered flying cars, steam-powered legs for the lame, even clockwork servants. The imagination is the limit in this exciting new technological age.

Unlike the First Industrial Revolution (1760-1830) which centered on iron, steam technology and textile production, the Second Industrial Revolution (1860-present) revolves around steel, railroads, chemicals, and communication technologies such as the telegraph.

The discovery of the ichor in 1872 provided the final major component needed for revolution in science and manufacturing: plentiful power – a single drop of fuel providing outrageous steam to drive the engine of invention. Small ichor nebulizers replace coal furnaces – from locomotives to wristwatches, the rage over England is all about steam. Safe, reliable and efficient, the ichor is the fuel of choice for industry titans and home tinkerers everywhere.

Production of ichor is completely controlled by the East India Company under exclusive contract with the Crown. In peril of losing its status as the most powerful country in the world, England now boasts the entire world production of ichor. And nowhere is the excitement higher than at Buckingham Palace – where the Crown is planning a refitting of the clock tower at the Palace of Westminster to showcase this uniquely British superiority.

Even though it is only a rumor in the press, the current hot gossip revolves around the forthcoming announcement of the first steam-powered personal rocket pack – the Jaguar X-1 engineered by William Lyons, Sr. The rocket pack is rumored to lift 300 pounds for an hour on one drop of ichor. A boiler under the ichor nebulizer pushes the wearer into the air, and the pilot can control the thrust by venting extra steam from large panels on either side. What better way to travel to Bond Street?

Are you afraid of these new inventions? Rest easy - all these wonders are inspected for the protection of the citizenry by the Crown and the safety engineers at the East India Division of Steam and Clockworks. Rumors to the contrary – including those of large mechanical spider drones at the East India Docks – have been traced to a bribery scheme by the Austro-Hungarian ambassador. Don’t believe everything you read in the press.