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Secrets of the Abner Marsh

13. Burning The Wicker Man - wherein the investigators are alerted to the Haunting Hand's intention to blow up Tintagel Castle during the Walpurgis Night Festival. A trip on the East India Company’s newest ichor-powered airship, the Chronobelle, is the only way to get there on time. Areas of interest include: East India Aerial Dock, The Chronobelle, Tintagel, Boscastle, Walpurgis Fair, and Tintagel Castle. >>>

12. All Hallow’s Hunt – wherein the investigators are asked to accompany nine-year old Prince Arthur on his first wild boar hunt in Cornwall – beginning with a Royal Train trip filled with suspicious characters. Areas of interest include: Bodmin Moor, Crowns Mine, Ballowall Barrow, Longships Lighthouse, and the hunt at Old Grimsby Island. >>>

11. Secrets of the Abner Marsh – wherein the murder of Thaddeus Royce draws the investigators into a conspiracy involving the cult of St. Toad and an ancient temple below St. Thomas’ Madhouse. Areas of interest include: the Fishbone Alley recruiting house, St. Thomas’ Madhouse, 14 Portland Square, The Windmill Pub, the Abner Marsh, and the Albert Embankment. >>>

10. Mysteries of Drake Manor – wherein the murder of Jonathan Drake by a monstrous flying aberration pulls the investigators to the family manor where two rival twins – Diamante and Domiano – seek a hidden ancient manuscript, the Cultes des Goules. Areas of interest include: J. Angst Bookseller, the Stone Gargoyle Freehouse, and Drake Manor. >>>

9. Mayhem at the Victoria and Albert Museum – wherein a special gala night at the museum featuring Dr. James Appleton presenting artifacts from the Lost Continent ends with explosions, curses, and a shootout with the Cultists of Mu. Areas of interest include: Victoria and Albert Museum and surrounding environs. >>>

8. The Bayhaven Lights – wherein the mysterious ghost lights over the island of Bayhaven and the strange laughing sickness at the Golders Green Asylum are investigated uncovering murder and the cult of the Haunted Hand. Areas of interest include: Golders Green Asylum, Bayhaven Island, and the haunted Wiggins House. >>>

7. Honor Amongst Thieves – wherein the investigators are invited to join the cult of the Haunted Hand and attend a dinner party at the esteemed Piper Estate - only to discover they are to be sacrificed to summon the Hunter in a the final act of a series of bizarre murders. Places of interest include: The Piper Estate and environs, Highgate Cemetery, St. Michael’s Church. >>>

6. Sinking of the Christabel (Quicksilver Relics #6) – wherein the investigators infilitrate the London Dock hideout of the cabal - eventually following the boss Rufus Gladstone on board the Christabel – which is later sunk with dynamite. Areas of interest include: the Lower Shadwell Docks, The Mermaid and Merchant Pub, and the Christabel. >>>

5. Happenings at Hardwicke House (Quicksilver Relics #5) – wherein the investigators discover otherworldly creatures in residence at the Hardwicke House climaxing in a wild gunfight, ghouls, cultists and mi-go. A cultist turns over the London location of the Haunting Hand. Areas of interest include: Hardwicke House, Tutbury and environs, and the train to London. >>>

4. Exploring Tutbury (Quicksilver Relics #4) – wherein the investigators explore Tutbury and its haunted castle, enlist the help of a ghost, and discover the Haunting Hand cultists hiding near the stone circle at the Hardwicke House. Areas of interest include: Tutbury, Tutbury Stone Circle, Tutbury Castle, and the Hardwicke House. >>>

3. Gaylord’s Auction House (Quicksilver Relics #3) – wherein a late-night break-in at Gaylord’s Auction House involves a shootout, the burning of the business, and clues leading to the truth about the quicksilver relics and an ancient stone circle at Tutbury. Areas of interest include: Gaylord’s Auction House, the Gaylord Club, Liverpool, and the train to Tutbury. >>>

2. Escape From Monkshood (Quicksilver Relics #2) – wherein the investigators discover a magical gate in the Manor, have a shootout with cultists, and discover clues implicating the Haunting Hand. Areas of interest include: Scotland Yard Headquarters, Quentin Watson’s Tarot Card shop, and Gaylord’s Auction House. >>>

1. Murder at Monkshood (Quicksilver Relics #1) – wherein the investigators are drawn to a mansion - a strange silver relic in their pocket - only to discover that their host William Monkshood has been mysteriously murdered. Areas of interest include: Monkshood Manor and environs including the haunted Monkshood Mausoleum. >>>

NOTE: Adventures are listed in reverse chronological order with the most recent at top. Adventures #1 - #6 were run as a traditional multi-session campaign. Adventures #1 - #7 used the Pathfinder RPG system. All adventures after these are one-night stands using the Savage Worlds and Realms of Cthulhu system.