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King of Club Contact

The cabal uses a network of contacts and confidants throughout England and the Continent nicknamed "the Cobweb". These should never be endangered, but they have proven useful in the past.

John Underhill - Mortician of the City of London. Mr. Underhill is a friend of the King of Clubs sometimes providing inside information about autopsies and death reports.

Montgomery Turnberry - Reporter, London Times. Mr. Turnberry sometimes provides inside information about stories the paper is researching in exchange for a hot tip now and then.

Doctor Theo L. Vines, Surgeon - Originally operating from a private room at 120 Whitechapel Road across from the London Hospital, Dr. Vines has opened a new office on Whitechapel Road across from the London Hospital - near his old practice but in a much more upscale building. In a private note, he tells you the code of knocks to get into the back door.

Samuel & Sons, Coffinmakers - A Liverpool operation fencing stolen items. While not technically part of the cabal's network, they are generally knowledgeable about the trafficking of high end stolen merchandise in England.