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Master Linguist at Sarth

The human language called Common evolved into its present form around the Great Sea in the early days of the First Age. As the great ports and trading centers flourished, its use became almost universal in the Realm. While there are many dialects - from the courtly High Rembian used in the Overlord's Palace to the most humble Eastern Reaches farmer's slang - Common is the language that binds the Realm together. While regional dialects will quickly tell an astute linguist the background of an adventurer, the Common language serves well to conduct commerce and for interactions between the varied races of the Realm.

In addition to Common, the great races each have their own language, passed down through the millenia: from the melodic High Elven, to the gutteral Dwarven, to the hissing sounds of Ssruthuian. Racial languages are used widely between members of the same tribe, each carrying the trust of shared experiences and values. The secret languages of organizations, such as Druidic or the Thieves Cant of Teufeldorf, have been used for centuries to keep communications secure from outside ears. Finally, dead and coded languages provide scholars with more riddles and puzzles than can be unlocked in a hundred lifetimes.

Below is a list of the most common languages that can be learned by adventurers. This does not include secret, dead or coded languages which can be learned only through study with the appropriate organizations in the Reaches. It is also possible to learn the language of a particular monster or a very specific dialect that may be of interest to a character.

Language Rarity Typical Speakers
Common Almost Universal Humans, Most Humanoids
Dwarven Common Dwarves, Lost Dwarves, Many Orcs, Goblins and Giants
Elven Common Elves, Dark Elves, Brownies, Many Fey
Gnome Common Gnomes
Hobbit Common Hobbits
Orc Common Orcs, Many Dwarves, Goblins and Giants
Draconic Uncommon Dragons
Giant Uncommon Giants, Many Goblins, Orcs and Dwarves
Goblin Uncommon Goblins, Many Orcs, Giants and Dwarves
Old Wolfshaunt Uncommon Dhampir, Lycan, Adventurers from the Wolfshaunt
Ssruthuian Uncommon Lizardfolk, Kobolds
Sylvan Uncommon Brownies, Fey, Elves, Druids, Rangers
Tang Uncommon Ratfolk
Abyssal Rare Creatures from beyond the Abyss Gate (demons)
Aquan Rare Creatures from beyond the Aquae Gate (elemental water)
Auran Rare Creatures from beyond the Aeris Gate (elemental air)
Ignan Rare Creatures from beyond the Ignis Gate (elemental fire)
Infernal Rare Creatures from beyond the Inferno Gate (devils)
Tiefling Rare Creatures from beyond the Demondim Gate (Demons of the Covenant)
Terran Rare Creatures from beyond the Terra Gate (elemental earth)

NOTE: There are several languages in Savage Pathfinder that don't exist in the Realm. See the House Rules for a list of unused languages.