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|[[St. Gilbert]]
|[[St. Gilbert]]
|[[Wan Fu|Wan Fu, the Runemaster]]
|[[Tang Empire#Organization of the Tang Empire|Win Lu, Grandmaster of Chaos]]
|[[Tang Empire#Organization of the Tang Empire|Win Lu, Grandmaster of Chaos]]

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Tales are told around the campfire to frighten children - stories of legendary heroes, terrifying monsters and wondrous treasures. Old men and women sit drinking ale around the hearth, and those same tales surface again - comfortable and familiar, retold countless times. By the light of day, these stories fade into legends. Still, they remain interwoven in the fabric of life - a cornerstone of society and one's place in the grand game.

Other legends remain shrouded in mystery - mere whispers on the winds, snatches overheard at the pub or pages torn from a hand-written log. These tales are power, providing clues or secrets that could topple kings or crumble empires.

A traveling bard may know scores of songs that tell of these legends - some faithfully retold through the generations and others growing with each new telling - eventually becoming mythic in proportion. Contained herein are some of the legends that would commonly be told in the pubs across the Reaches. Some are rumors and others gossip about all matter of subjects from high-born nobles to the vast treasure that lay buried under the nearby hill. A clever adventurer will be able to tell the difference.

The Time Before Man
In The Beginning...
The Elder Gods
The Pipe of Reliza
The New Gods
Great Treasures
The Tale of the Unspoken Valley
The Dragon of Dragonsford
The Legend of the Four Brothers
The Legend of the Amphisbaena
Raiment of the Voice
The Stone God's Sword
Mythical Lands
The Gates
The Tenth Shrine
Strange Events
Demons of the Covenant
The Spiriting of Haggelthorn Hall
Tomb of the Barrow King
Faldirion, Leader of the Host of the Radiant Dawn
King Gregory the Even-Handed
Tang Emperor Kaji
Lady Laura
No Cha, Grandmaster of Thieves
Orling the Backwards
Syliss, Son of the Serpent
Tamara, Demi-Goddess of Gluttony
Parknor T. Travellor
Rackhir the Gold
Tang Emperor Shiba
St. Gilbert
Wan Fu, the Runemaster
Win Lu, Grandmaster of Chaos