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Outside of family and clan, there are hundreds of organizations, societies and cults spread across the Realm.

Some of these organizations are traditional churches and temples to the pantheon of gods. Local and city gods might be heroes, martyrs or saints that have achieved demigod status to a small segment of the population with influence over a particular river or mountain, group of craftsmen, or a given chapel. Or, these gods might be powerful deities with thousands of followers, entire nations, or entire races.

Some organizations are well-known and respected in the Realm. Others work on the fringes of society - secret cabals and cults dedicated to any manner of depravity and evil.

Listed below are the most active and well-known organizations in the Reaches. While an overview is provided, characters interested in membership should make contact with the organization to explore initiation. Not every organization is well suited for every character, but the benefits gained from an alliance with a powerful society should not be underestimated.

Organization Races Common Classes
Druids of Oakentree Any Druids
Order of Crusaders Any Paladins
Rangers of the Wilderlands Any Rangers
Collegium Magicium Any Wizards, Sorcerers
The Family Any Rogues
Loremasters Hall Any Bards
Warrior's Guild Any Fighters, Barbarians
Order of the Winds Any Monks
Church of the Hearth Humans Any (Clerics)
Church of St. Theodore Humans Any (Clerics)
The Counting House (xxx, God of Tyranny) Humans Any
Courts of Chaos (Arioch, God of Chaos) Humans Any
Dark Path Humans Any (Clerics)
Dreamkeepers Humans Any (Clerics)
Fellowship of the Clover Humans Any (Clerics)
House of Pain (Lilith the Night Hag) Humans Any
Order of Merchant Keymasters Humans Any (Clerics)
Order of the Red Angel Humans Any (Clerics)
Order of the Silver Throne Humans Any (Clerics)
Plague Mosque (Surma, Goddess of the Plague) Humans Any
Librarians of Sarth Humans Any (Clerics)
The Slaughterhouse (Voodrith, God of Slaughter) Humans Any
Storm Wardens Humans Any (Clerics)
Temple of Shadows Humans Any (Clerics)
Temple of War Humans Fighters, Barbarians, Clerics
Temple of Youth Humans Any (Clerics)
Hammerheim (Dwarven Pantheon) Dwarves Any
Order of the Silver Acorn Elves Clerics
Gnome Gnomes Any
Hobbit Hobbits Any
Gruumsh, God of Orcs Orcs Any
Goblin Goblins Any
Rat God Ratfolk Any
Llith, Mother of Reptilemen Lizardfolk Any
The Order of the Knights of the Kingdom Defunct Defunct
The Pentaverate Defunct Defunct
Temple of Set (God of Evil and the Night) Defunct Defunct
Temple of Bast (Cat Goddess) Defunct Defunct
Fear Unknown Unknown
Hate Unknown Unknown